What is the Valley REN’s Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program?

The Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program is a business support initiative aimed at fostering a thriving and sustainable regional economy in the Annapolis Valley.

The program invites businesses to participate in a one-on-one interview with Valley REN staff to discuss business challenges and opportunities, covering topics such as business climate, workforce, training, infrastructure, and more. The information collected during the interviews will be used to better understand business needs and develop tailored services and programs to meet those needs. Valley REN staff will listen to concerns and challenges and can connect businesses directly to supports needed.

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How does BRE benefit your business?

Voice your business challenges

Are you facing problems in your business you haven’t been able to find the right solution to? The Valley REN is here to help you tackle those issues, by connecting you with the right supports to address your problems and help you move forward. Have your business challenges voiced directly to the organizations who can support you in overcoming those challenges.

Referrals to business supports

After each BRE interview, we will personally connect you with the support organizations, programs or resources that will best address the specific challenges that your business is facing today.

Business Growth

We can support you in your growth and expansion goals so your business can continue to thrive in the Annapolis Valley.

Find solutions to specific needs

Is your business experiencing challenges with workforce retention or hiring? Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your processes and procedures? The Valley REN is actively working to address these challenges, and by sitting down with us for an interview, we can inform you on the programs and supports available to meet your business needs.

Achieve your strategic goals

With strong connections within the community and industry, we can help identify opportunities for future growth by sharing your vision and goals for the future with us.

Thrive in the Annapolis Valley

Our region is full of unique opportunities for business. Let us help you thrive in our community, and continue to play a key role in the economic growth of the Annapolis Valley.

Play an active role in the success of the Annapolis Valley

By sharing your business challenges and needs, it helps all business support organizations in the region better support and serve local businesses. Together, we can work to grow the local economy and develop prosperous communities.

How does BRE support regional economic development efforts?

Gain knowledge and understanding of the current business climate

By conducting BRE interviews, we will be gathering insight from business owners and leaders on a variety of topics including, workforce issues, infrastructure needs, training needs, supply chain challenges, investment, innovation and more.

Development of new and relevant programs and services

With the collection of insight and data on the types of challenges businesses in the Annapolis Valley are facing, business and economic development organizations can develop value-added services and programs to meet those needs.

Create a strong and sustainable environment for business growth

By supporting our existing businesses in their growth, we can create a welcoming and encouraging space for new business to start, and attract businesses to relocate to the Annapolis Valley region.

Build relationships with the business community

BRE interviews are a starting point to building a working relationship between business leaders and community and business support organizations, allowing us to build a thriving and collaborative community.

Community leaders stay informed

As we meet with businesses, we will be gathering information that will help community leaders make informed decisions surrounding local business, based on the input received in BRE interviews. Leaders can stay up to date on major upcoming changes to businesses such as expansion, or reduction in jobs so that the community can adapt and be prepared as changes occur.

Sign up for a BRE Interview Today!

Contact bre@valleyren.ca or 902-678-2200 to learn more or to schedule an interview! 


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