Success Story: Converting to local

Converting to local

Kerry and Denise Lees have launched their business, Atlantic Roll Converting Inc. (AROLLCO), at the Berwick Industrial Park. AROLLCO has created the Mini Eco-Core for thermal point-of-sale debit and receipt rolls. The smaller-diameter core (at the top in this photo) holds more paper than traditional cores and is designed for the new generation of hand-held payment systems. It is also “green”. | Photo © 2017 Valley Regional Enterprise Network

A small “green” tube is the innovation at the centre of a new manufacturing business in the Berwick Industrial Park in the Annapolis Valley.

Atlantic Roll Converting Inc. (AROLLCO) has designed the Mini Eco-Core for thermal point-of-sale debit and receipt rolls.

The innovative core is made from recycled Kraft paper and water-soluble glue, making it “green,” whereas conventional cores are often plastic. And with a smaller diameter than traditional cores, the compact roll has more paper and less hollow space. This makes it tailor-made for the new generation of hand-held payment systems, which are used by restaurant servers and increasingly in other retail businesses.

The Mini Eco-Core can hold “up to 20 per cent more paper” than the industry standard, said co-owner Kerry Lees, who hopes wholesalers and retailers in the Valley will covert to the new local product.

The company also supplies paper rolls with a standard-size Eco-Core.

AROLLCO is Atlantic Canada’s only manufacturer of commercial paper rolls used for point-of-sale receipts.

In the Berwick warehouse, Kerry and his wife, Denise, “convert” master rolls of paper to specified dimensions on proprietary, customized machines.

Their products are price-competitive, made from premium-grade paper and contain none of the industry chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). And AROLLCO ships free in Atlantic Canada.

Having been involved with manufacturing elsewhere in Canada, the Lees chose to move to the Valley 12 years ago to raise their three now-adult sons.

Denise and Kerry selected the Berwick site because of the available floor space and the 3-phase power supply.

The Lees are poised to increase their market, which already includes Ontario and Atlantic Canada. They may need more floor space as they increase production, but “we’d like to grow in the Valley,” says Kerry.