Success Story: Global reach, local talent

John Frost

Global reach, local talent

Elisabeth and John Frost, partners in marriage and business, created their digital media and software solutions enterprise, Frostbyte Interactive Inc., in 2013. They also became business tenants at the Rural Innovation Centre at Acadia University in Wolfville. Doing business on campus, in an innovation hub, gave them opportunities to engage with faculty and students.

John also founded a spin-off enterprise, Aerhyve Aerial Technologies, to capture and analyse high-quality, multi-sensor data from unmanned aerial vehicles to support crop analysis. By gaining a new perspective on what’s happening in the field, orchard, or vineyard, producers can assess the health of crops and the efficiency of their farming practices.

“there is a wealth of talent and opportunity here in the Annapolis Valley”

Intense interest within the growing field of precision agriculture quickly led to a partnership between Aerhyve and Precisionhawk Inc., a terrestrial data acquisition and analysis company based in Raleigh, NC, and Toronto.

Now John is senior manager of satellite products for Terraserver, a division of PrecisionHawk. Elisabeth continues to manage Frostbyte Interactive. And their business operations are still based at the Rural Innovation Centre. John says “there is a wealth of talent and opportunity here in the Annapolis Valley” and he is keen to attract more people to the Valley to work for the company.