What We Do

We are leaders and drivers of Annapolis Valley economic development opportunities

Our strategic foundation


A thriving, regional economy, delivering the highest quality of life in Canada.

We support a thriving regional economy that, when combined with our geographic location, natural environment and diverse population, makes the Valley one of the best places to live in rural Canada.


The Valley REN is the catalyst for a thriving, sustainable and inclusive regional economy in the Annapolis Valley. 

We are proactive in evidence-based action planning and the coordinator of local and provincial resources to maximize our collective impact.


  • Innovation
    We value and encourage new ideas that challenge the status quo.
  • Professionalism
    We apply the best practices in our work and relationships.
  • Diversity
    In people, cultures, strengths, sectors, industries and capitals (human, financial, social, organizational, natural and cultural).
  • Adaptability
    We are prepared to adjust our strategies as circumstances require.
  • This Place
    We are proud to call the Annapolis Valley our home and are committed to seeing it grow and flourish.


  • Collaboration
    We believe that economic development is a team effort.
  • Evidence-based Decision Making
    We make decisions based on data and evidence along with input from our businesses and community.
  • Fiscal Stewardship
    Our trusting relationships with our partners and funders are founded on fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability.


    We believe that economic development and community well-being should be mutually supporting. 

STRATEGic priorities

The strategic priorities are a link between the strategic foundation of the organization and the daily work and activities of the REN.


Our goal is to provide support, tools and programs for new, emerging and existing businesses while working with partners to enhance the region’s entrepreneurial culture. 



Our goal is to attract and retain employees/workers while identifying and helping to fill current and future needs and gaps for local employers.


Our goal is to support the strengthening, diversification and interconnectedness of the economic sectors.


Our goal is to enhance our collective and collaborative environment for great efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen relationships and leverage regional opportunities. 

Our Focus for 2021-2022

Building on the 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan, the Valley REN will focus on three critical deliverables in its 2021-2022 Business Plan. These three deliverables are an essential element and interconnected in advancing all aspects of the Business Plan. These three areas include:



One of the main barriers to attracting talent to our region is a critical lack of housing. Housing is a complex issue and is generally not a primary focus of the REN. Still, it is a barrier to all strategies identified in our business plan, especially those related to the workforce.

We will assess the housing needs of the Annapolis Valley and develop a strategy to support stakeholders to meet this challenge.


Regional Marketing

We will continue to partner with the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce to promote the region from a business and labour force attraction, people attraction and tourism attraction standpoint. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the skills shortage identified as part of the Valley REN’s Workforce Strategy, we are targeting the skills gaps in our region by developing a new website and marketing campaign.


Business Development

Providing support for business is always a priority for the REN. We assess businesses’ needs, provide navigation resources and supports, referrals and support start-ups, and provide peer-to-peer opportunities relevant to companies across all sectors. We also conduct business outreach to ensure we are aware of local business climate conditions.

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