why the valley?

The Annapolis Valley is a growth leader in the rural regions of Nova Scotia

Business Advantages

Outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Annapolis Valley economic region (comprising Annapolis, Kings and Hants counties) is the province’s second largest economic force.

Average GDP growth of 1.89% is forecasted in this region for the period of 2018-2022, positioning the Annapolis Valley as growth leader in the rural regions of Nova Scotia.

The Annapolis Valley also enjoys strong industrial and post-secondary educational assets and a vital entrepreneurial spirit.

EXPERTISE in agriculture and manufacturing as well as a solid base of service and tourism

QUALITY TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE including strong road, port and air transportation

VERY COMPETITIVE BUSINESS TAX ENVIRONMENT in as reported by KPMG, Nova Scotia offers one of the lowest cumulative tax environments. 

ECONOMIC STABILITY strong fiscal environment and long term stable inflation.

LOYAL AND PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE with employee turnover rates among the lowest in North America

   LOW LABOUR COSTS compared with US



   encouraging start-ups, entrepreneurship, and industrial                       expansion.

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