Kerry and Denise Lees have launched their business, Atlantic Roll Converting Inc. (AROLLCO), at the Berwick Industrial Park. AROLLCO has created the Mini Eco-Core for thermal point-of-sale debit and receipt rolls. The smaller-diameter core (at the top in this photo) holds more paper than traditional cores and is designed for the new generation of hand-held payment systems. It is also “green”. | Photo © 2017 Valley Regional Enterprise Network

Businesses can grow our regional economy by sourcing more supplies locally.

It sounds simple. But in practice, it’s not always easy to switch from an import to a local product or service.

“Is it competitive?” may be the first question people ask. Or: “Is it equivalent?” “Is it reliable?” “Is it consistent?” “Does it meet our specifications?” And so on.

Business owners and managers at our recent Sector Table Workshop suggested the Valley REN could help develop local markets by raising awareness about business-to-business opportunities for buying and selling locally.

In this week’s blog, we are pleased to showcase a new business that is producing a local product to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

Atlantic Roll Converting Inc. (AROLLCO) in Berwick has designed the Mini Eco-Core for thermal point-of-sale debit and receipt rolls.

Read about it here.

And tell us where you see opportunities for local procurement and import substitution.

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