“Energy is the currency of the universe: we need to be using and spending it better.”
Scott Henderson, NSCC Faculty, School of Trades and Technology; Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology Program, Annapolis Valley Campus


The Annapolis Valley, blessed with bountiful farmland and the world’s highest tides, is rich in resources and expertise. In our region, Acadia University and two Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) campuses are generating knowledge and research and our future is bright with talented entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

How can businesses in the sustainable energy sector capitalize on this richness? Here’s what we heard when our Sustainable Energy Sector Table met on May 30.

Work with the public

Help consumers understand the value and benefit of renewable energy, not only environmentally, but as a source of jobs, business opportunities and sustainable prosperity for our region.

Work with municipalities

Find opportunities to collaborate with our municipal partners to raise public awareness and engage with the community.


Harvest the energy of the sun, tides and wind and develop clean technologies to meet global demand. Our proximity to the Bay of Fundy makes our region an ideal test-bed for tidal development – that is a strong competitive asset that cannot be replicated.

Connect the sector

Continue to bring together stakeholders in our region to share knowledge and collaborate. The Valley REN sector table meetings are an excellent forum for businesses, industry associations and government to learn about new developments and suggest how the Valley REN can support their sector.

This year, the Valley REN will be working with businesses in the sustainable energy sector to foster connections with students and entrepreneurs, aiming to showcase talent, technology and opportunities. To foster business growth and consumer demand, we will work with sector leaders to determine the best approach for raising awareness about opportunities as we transition to a low-carbon economy.