Connector Program staff meet with Connectees to discuss their backgrounds and career ambitions to ensure they’re “job ready”. They then match each Connectee with a Connector based on industry experience and professional backgrounds.  


The Connector and Connectee meet for 30 minutes in the Connector’s workplace or a coffee shop to discuss industry details, skills and areas of expertise, related news, current market demands and hidden job opportunities in the Annapolis Valley. 


Connectors then refer the Connectee to a minimum of three people in their network. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or others who may benefit from meeting with a skilled professional. 

The Valley Connector Program helps newcomers, international and local graduates gain professional networking experience. The program is a simple formalized networking process that matches  Connectors with job ready  Connectees to help them connect to the local labour market 

Connectors are local business and community leaders who have a strong network. They can often be found making introductions within social, cultural, professional, and economic circles. 

Connectees are job ready newcomers & local and international graduates actively looking to launch their career in the Annapolis Valley. They are highly skilled individuals, proficient in English and/or French, legally entitled to work in Canada, and a graduate of a post-secondary program.  

Become a Connector

By becoming a Connector you can

  • feel a sense of achievement by helping keep talent in the Annapolis Valley
  • contribute to greater community engagement
  • increase awareness about your organization and industry
  • add value to your network by connecting people
  • access a talent pool of exception newcomers and recent graduates

Become a Connectee

By becoming a Connectee you will

  • gather insights into the local job market
  • build a strong professional network in record time
  • establish connections to improve the likelihood of finding employment
  • gain valuable feedback about your job search strategy and career path

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