Guru Site selector tool

A site selector tool is like a treasure map for businesses. It helps companies find the perfect spot to set up shop by giving them lots of important information with just a few clicks. The Valley REN is excited to provide this tool focusing specifically on our region.

This tool can show where customers are, how easy it is to get goods to and from a place, and even how much it might cost to operate there. For businesses in the Annapolis Valley, this means they can pick the best location that makes it easier to grow their business, serve their customers well, and save money. It’s a smart way to make big decisions without guessing, making sure businesses have a better chance at success.

The Site Selector Tool can:

  • gather and manage regional land and asset data
  • serve as a valuable resource for various stakeholders, including real estate agents, government support organizations, and potential investors in and out of the Annapolis Valley
  • serve as a one-stop location for localized data, simplifying the process of selecting commercial properties.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, explore new investment opportunities, or simply stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced market, this Site Selector Tool is your gateway to the future of business strategy. 

For more information about the Site Selector Tool, please contact Kyle Walsh at

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