Tourism Project

The Valley REN’s Tourism Project is implementing a strategic initiative designed to bolster the region’s economic strength through the promotion and development of its tourism sector.

Recognizing the importance of tourism in the region, this project aims to capitalize on the Valley’s unique cultural, natural, and historical assets to attract a diverse array of visitors. By focusing on enhancing the visitor experience through the development of legendary experiences, connection to communities, destination alignment, and creating a welcoming region, the Valley REN Tourism Project seeks to not only increase visitor numbers but also encourage longer stays and repeat visits.

The project underscores tourism as a critical economic driver, capable of generating substantial revenue, creating jobs, and fostering sustainable community development. Through collaborative efforts with local businesses, government agencies, and community stakeholders, the development and implementation of this project aims to set a new benchmark for regional tourism excellence, contributing significantly to the prosperity and quality of life in the Valley.

This strategy has been developed through the Strategic Tourism for Areas and Regions project. The Valley REN hired tourism consultant, Richard Innes, to help develop the strategy. You can find the STAR strategy and the digital footprint report below.

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